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masculinity is so funny to me bc men deprive themselves of the best things in life in order to achieve it like ….fuzzy socks, fun fruity pink drinks, spa days, lifetime movies,  expressing positive feelings in a healthy way, being a warm genuine person

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"i was so worried, i baked a whole cake. and then i ate a whole cake." | broad city

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Sherilyn Fenn in Ruby (1992)


Sherilyn Fenn in Ruby (1992)

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Color Study: Desert Sky

Alice Blue, Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Periwinkle,  Peach, Carnation Pink and Rose.

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nothing will ever be as funny as this is

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Tuesday the 19th of November 1996,
Sorry I’ve not written for a while but not much is going on except life.

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The weirdest thing is that people talk about “coming out” as if it’s this big momentous thing that only happens once while in actual fact it’s something that you do almost every single day every time you talk to a new person every time you’re in a new situation you’re constantly weighing your options, the ability to be your true self vs the advantages of being a false self and honestly it’s so fucking exhausting

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Vancouver in the 60’s


Vancouver in the 60’s

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Some people are constructive with their evenings… I make a Doo family tree


Some people are constructive with their evenings… I make a Doo family tree